National is opposed to co-governance and believes that New Zealand’s public service should be governed under one system. However, they also believe that co-governance of natural assets involving iwi working with central and local government in the context of Treaty settlements is long-standing they continue to support it.

Labour is in favour of co-governance and has implemented it in areas such as natural resources, public services, and the national health system.

The Act Party is opposed to co-governance and believes that it undermines the concepts of universal human rights and democracy.

The Green Party is in favour of co-governance. They believe co-governance arrangements should be implemented in local government and that it is essential to partner with local iwi and hapū.

The Maori Party is in favour of co-governance and advocates for their whānau, Hapū, and Iwi in Government to “realise the true intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi”.

NZ First opposes co-governance and believes that democracy and co-governance cannot co-exist.


Democracy NZ opposes co-governance and stands for democracy and equality.


New Conservatives reject the unwanted proposals of divisive co-governance that are being forced on New Zealanders.


Although New Nation Party has not publicly opposed co-governance, the party states its opposition to Three Waters and He Puapua, saying that we are one nation and one people.


Rock The Vote NZ is completely opposed to Co-Governance.


The Opportunities Party has not stated its position on co-governance.


Freedoms New Zealand opposes Race-Based Policies, such as Three Waters.


NZ Loyal is opposed to co-governance and pledges to "Scrap all race-based policies."


Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party has not stated its position on co-governance.


NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party opposes co-governance. Their objection to Co-Governance is not rooted in a denial of the Ti Tiriti O Waitangi and the He Wakaputanga as foundational documents, which are legally binding and deserving of respect. Rather, they support localism and fair treatment for all New Zealanders.


Vision New Zealand has not stated its position on co-governance.


The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ has not stated its position on co-governance.


NewZeal believes in the unity of New Zealand and contends that terms like co-governance are often used to divide rather than unite. They argue that co-governance should not be applied as a "one size fits all" approach.


The Leighton Baker Party New Zealand opposes co-governance, considering it a racist policy that divides people and assumes one race is more important.

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